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Valja - your maternty wear supplier.


Valja Maternity Wear Aps, is one of Europes leading maternity wear manufactures. We have designed and produced maternity wear since 1972 under the brand of tete-à-tete by Valja. You will find our designs in leading maternity fashion shops and deprtments throughout Europe.


Valja ensures perfect fit of any maternity outfit during pregnancy. 40 years of maternity design know how, combined with hands-on latest maternity fashion trends sets our manufacturer standards.


Valja, only sell to retailers / shops.

So if you are a new customer and planning to sell maternity wear, please contact Valja to view our retailer online shop. Here you can see all our maternity wear models which we can deliver direct from stock. So if you are looking for a new maternity wear manufacturer for your store / internet shop. Valja will help you.


Valja Maternity Wear Aps - Your new maternity wear supplier.

Basic maternity models.

By Valja, you will find all you need

of basic maternity models from e.g.

seamless tops to nursing bras .

Fashion maternity models.

As one of Europes leading maternity

wear manufactures, Valja always has

the latest tends in our collections.

Always on stock service.

A retailer, need a reliable supplier

who can supply classic maternity wear

direct from stock.

Classic maternity wear.

Valja has a wide range of classic

everyday or party models for the mom

to be.

Valja Maternity Wear Aps

if you are looking for a reliable supplier of maternity wear.

Valja Maternity Wear Aps - Bredgade 209 - DK - 9700 Br√łnderslev - Phone 0045 98130644 - Email .